Student Journalism and Mobile Media

It is no longer possible to delineate the boundaries of a school. Mobile phones, pervasive but beyond the control of schools, erase boundaries between schools and their surroundings and reshape the power relationships within schools. Instead of seeing this as threatening, this project explores how we might usefully intervene in the technosocial space of student mobile media to create learning opportunities, particularly for those marginalized by the dominant culture of schools. I used a youth participatory design-based research approach, working with student journalists to develop a mobile application to distribute their content, increase student voice, and to help the student body discuss difficult topics. The design process and field studies reveal a variety of roles students can play in online media which lead to powerful learning experiences. This research offers a design framework for schools seeking to engage productively with technosocial spaces.


2016 $17,000 MediaX Grant, The contextual future of situated schools

2016 4-month participatory design process developing iOS app; 2-week field study.

2017 Field study follow-up interviews; 6-month participatory design process analyzing field study and redesigning app.

(2018 Spring) App release; 2-month field study. (2018 Fall) Submission to CHI 2019 conference